iDealFile - the best piece of software we’ve ever installed

April 28, 2021
3 minutes

From initial enquiry through to implementation and ongoing development, John Grose has been blown away by the impact iDealFile has made in the business – lauding it as the gift that keeps on giving.

John Grose is a multi-franchise, family-owned motor dealer group based in East Anglia. They offer the full Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, DS & Kia car ranges, in addition to Ford, Peugeot & Citroen vans and a comprehensive range of used cars & vans including ex-demonstration vehicles.

As well as delighting customers in the East of England, they have a long history of supplying vehicles across the nation – with a glowing reputation backed up by numerous awards for customer satisfaction.

Digitising the sales process

Given the wide variety of transactions across the organisation, and the volume of deals happening every day, the sales team decided to investigate the potential benefits of digitisation – but initial research failed to uncover the right solution.

David Billison, Sales Director, explains: “As a forward-thinking group we are always trying to find ways to keep improving our processes and service. Digitising sales administration was one of the areas on our radar but the initial options we looked at were essentially scan and storage solutions which we felt wouldn’t deliver the time or efficiency savings we were looking for.”

Then circumstances changed.

As the initial nationwide coronavirus lockdown unfolded in early 2020, David and his team had the chance to reappraise the business with fresh eyes and seek out new efficiencies - which coincided with an opportunity to take a closer look at iDealFile.

Realising the full potential of digital deal files

“It was a real ‘lights coming on’ moment for us”, David explains. “During the initial product presentation with the MotorDocs team we could see that there was so much more to iDealFile than scanning and storage. The range of functionality we were being shown started ticking box after box after box – in fact it ticked boxes I didn’t realise needed ticking!

“We were excited by the time and cost savings that the move to digital deal files would clearly bring but it didn’t stop there. Given our vast experience of distance selling – and the switch to increasing volumes of click and collect sales due to the pandemic – we also saw that iDealFile would give us a smart and secure way to share and authorise documents online with customers. A real lifeline during a pandemic but also a powerful capability that would underpin exceptional customer service in the years to come.”

Having made the decision to introduce iDealFile as their digital deal file solution, thoughts turned to how best to implement the software for all franchises across all John Grose sites – with the added complication of a global pandemic.

All systems go

Given the lockdown restrictions, every aspect of the implementation was managed remotely – via video and telephone calls - with a commitment to get all sites live as soon as possible and at the same time.

David explains: “Credit to the project team, we went full steam ahead and embraced the digital roll out. I was keen to get everyone up and running simultaneously so we could feel the benefits across the business as quickly as possible. I also made a conscious effort to have Sales Admin personnel lead the process and identified some project champions who would help provide constant reminders about the huge business benefits we were about to unlock.”

“The support from MotorDocs throughout has been fantastic. I think it really helps that they are all automotive retail experts. They understand what it’s like to be on our side of the fence and are happy to work with us to tailor the system set up to make it the perfect fit for our business.

“We’re still in regular contact with them as we look to exploit the full potential of the system and there’s a real energy to help us succeed. They’re friendly, helpful and there whenever we need them.

“From the beginning, they responded quickly and positively to any requests we made and that was so important to achieving buy-in from the team at the sharp-end who were getting to grips with a new platform and processes. They were stellar – absolutely brilliant.”

Embracing the benefits

Within a month the initial implementation was complete, and the benefits were being enjoyed by sales teams at every John Grose site.

David continues: “The two key benefits that initially captured our attention were the ability to eliminate paper deal files plus the secure sharing and signing capability via iShare. These were certainly achieved. Gone are the days of waiting for paperwork to be returned in the post from the other side of the country or forms piling up on desks. Everything’s in iDealFile – accessible with the touch of a button.

“And, as we started to use our new digital deal file system, our eyes have been opened to so many more benefits. Take admin processes, for example. Historically, and understandably, Sales Execs were focused on the sale itself – helping customers complete the purchase of their new vehicle as quickly as possible. Often this meant that elements of the sales paperwork were only completed once the customer had departed, which might throw up challenges if any documents were missing or incomplete.

“Now our teams can’t progress from one stage of the sales process to the next unless everything is in place with the correct authorisations. They do it once and they do it properly. It’s a huge efficiency and compliance gain for everyone - another big box that’s been ticked.”

With more than 10,000 digital deal files now on the system, it’s fair to say that the John Grose sales team have fully embraced the new way of working. By centralising administration they’ve been able to make an immediate 25% cost saving for the business and can see new efficiency and financial gains every day.

David adds: “We’re saving costs in terms of storage, paper and printing, there’s no more travelling backwards and forwards with boxes of deal files and there’s no more wasted time searching for an archived folder. Without doubt iDealFile has already more than paid for itself.”

Making the right decision

It comes as no surprise then that David takes real satisfaction from the decision to invest in iDealFile and work with the MotorDocs team.

He explains: “The real-world experience of using iDealFile has been superb and it comes with the backing of a team that can adapt, respond quickly to questions and clearly know their stuff.  

“I genuinely feel that from an implementation perspective - and its ability to exceed expectations every step of the way – iDealFile is the best piece of software we’ve ever installed.

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