iDealFile underpins digital sales transformation at FRF Toyota

June 7, 2021
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When the pandemic first struck in Spring 2020, FRF Toyota needed to find a way to manage its car sales remotely. Not only did the swift implementation of iDealFile give them a lifeline during lockdown, but it’s now become such an integral part of the sales team’s day to day business they wonder how they ever lived without it.

The FRF Toyota dealer group comprises four dealerships situated across South West Wales, from Bridgend through Swansea, Carmarthen to Haverfordwest. Covering the whole M4 corridor, the group also operates a Volvo dealership and a body repair centre in Swansea.

When the COVID pandemic took the world by surprise in 2020, FRF Toyota, like all other dealer groups, was forced to close its showroom doors and had to explore new ways of bringing cars and customers together.

Alistair Ramsden, Group New Sales Manager at FRF Toyota, explained: “When we were forced to close the doors, we needed to be able to process a complete car sale online from start to finish, without any physical contact with the customer. But we just couldn’t do it. We did not have a system in place. We dabbled with another product, but we found that everything was way too complicated. We had to scan everything into the system, send files across, get them signed, send them back. Nothing was integrated. It was messy. It was difficult to do. So, we had to find a solution…. and fast.”

The perfect solution

When searching for a document sharing solution, FRF Toyota came across iShare – a feature of the iDealFile platform that allows you to share and sign documents remotely. This led Alistair and the team to explore the whole iDealFile system and they quickly realised that this was the solution they were looking for.

“When my Sales Managers and I saw it, we all agreed – it’s almost as though it was written for us. Obviously, every dealer group has its own way of working, its own processes and procedures. And we wondered – are our systems very different to other dealer systems? Are we talking to programmers who will really understand how car sales works? But it was such a relief to find that MotorDocs understood the sales documentation process even better than we did! It was very reassuring to know we were dealing with people who live and breathe the motor trade, people who understand how the sales process works from start to finish.

Remote implementation

Getting the system off the ground came with the added challenge of implementing everything remotely. But Alistair was relieved to find that MotorDocs were always on the case: “The reaction time from MotorDocs was very impressive. We’re used to suppliers taking a while to come back to you, but any problems were always resolved rapidly – within the hour. The MotorDocs team was always proactive rather than reactive, watching closely how the system was working for us and making any adjustments really swiftly. I couldn’t wish for any better support. Simple as that.”

Now that everything is up and running smoothly, the FRF Toyota team is already reaping the rewards of transferring to a remote document management process. Alistair continues: “The number one benefit for us would be accessibility. We have instant access to whatever document we need, whenever and wherever we need it. This is hugely beneficial to us as a multi-site group as it means I can authorise documents, log deals and access crucial information at the touch of a button, whether I’m on a different site or working from home. This is so much better than having to trawl through our archives for answers or scanning and emailing documents across to my colleagues while they wait.

“Our accounts team is delighted too, as all the finance information, including for the all-important VAT auditing process is instantly available and bang up to date! We have talked for years about digitising our documents and now that we have, it’s allowing us to be far more efficient and productive, giving us valuable time back to spend with our customers. We’re no longer risking documents going astray, having to call our other sites for information or venturing into our storerooms to search through mountains of boxes for the bits of paper you need. It’s like having the whole of your archive system sat on your desktop.

A blended future

Showrooms have now reopened and customers are able to meet face to face with sales teams and buy their cars in person once again. But Alistair envisions a future that is a hybrid of forecourt and online buying, as he believes that many customers may still prefer to purchase a car from the comfort of their homes. With iDealFile, however customers choose to buy, Alistair knows that he now has a safe and secure way to manage all the documents and respond to his customers’ needs across all of his sites, in real time.

Alistair is delighted with how iDealFile has integrated into his business and added: “If I was talking to another dealer group and they asked me the question – should we go for iDealFile or shouldn’t we? The answer would be - absolutely. 100% do it.”

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