John Banks Group moves to digital document management and reaps significant cost savings

October 25, 2019
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John Banks Group is already seeing tangible benefits since installing iDealFile – the MotorDocs digital deal file platform – across its sites in July of this year.

John Banks Group are a multi-franchise dealer group with 8 showrooms located across East Anglia offering New and Used Cars as well as commercial vans from Honda, Suzuki, Renault, Dacia and Honda motorcycles.

John Banks Group’s Business Development Manager, Olivia Tombs, first met the MotorDocs team at AM Live in November 2018 and was interested to find out more about the potential time, cost and environmental benefits of the iDealFile digital deal file platform.

She said: “We were really impressed by what they did and the whole digital process - from sale to the storage of deal files. We knew we had to embrace electronic as that’s the way everything is going and with the introduction of GDPR we made a firm decision to move away from old paper deal files.”

An Instant Success

Following their initial discussion with MotorDocs at AM Live in November last year, John Banks Group has now successfully implemented iDealFile across its Suffolk sites and the team are already happy with the results.

As Olivia explains: “We looked at a few different solutions but went with iDealFile as they were clearly the best. We’ve integrated the platform within our dealerships and we’re getting on really well with it so far.

“It does what it says on the tin and ticks all the boxes - the cost savings due to less paper, print cartridges and storage have really made a difference across the group. I knew it was going to work for us and it has already started paying off financially.”

A First-Class Service

Paired with the early cost savings the iDealFile platform has afforded John Banks Group, they have also been really pleased with the support and back-up they have received from the MotorDocs team throughout the process – from installation through to now 3 months post implementation.

As Olivia says: “From my experience iDealFile is definitely one of my favourite companies to work with. You know what you’re getting from them and the service is brilliant. The team has been there every step of the way and we couldn’t ask for more. The service has been 10/10 – absolutely first class.”

Reaping the Rewards

Now that iDealFile is firmly embedded across the 8 franchise locations across East Anglia the John Banks team are beginning to feel the tangible benefits the platform offers – including enhanced visibility and the creation of auditable, traceable data.

As Olivia explains: “Visibility across the group has definitely improved. You can see that everyone is following the process correctly. It’s there in black and white. With the old paper system, you’d have to go through the documents to check which was time consuming. iDealFile is more transparent - with the click of a button you can see exactly what’s going on and whether things are being done which is brilliant.

“The history is great – you can see every single thing, every time someone has touched the deal file, so you have a clear audit trail. With pieces of paper some could have gotten lost so that’s been a big help.”

As iDealFile was created by the automotive experts at MotorDocs they understand the specific issues a dealership faces, so know how important it is that its solutions are tailor-made to fit unique motor industry challenges.

An added benefit which Olivia recognises: “The great thing with iDeaFile is that it is bespoke to your dealership, so we’ve added to it over time and are still adding things even now. It’s very flexible and you can add things whenever you need them.”

Reflecting on the Platform

As Business Development Manager at John Banks Group, Olivia has seen first-hand how the installation of iDealFile has helped her sales teams to be more efficient and productive across the Group’s nine sites.

Olivia concludes: “I would absolutely recommend iDealFile – it is a great system and the support you get is brilliant. It says a lot for the company that they don’t just implement it and then that’s it, they’re really helpful afterwards. If you’re in two minds I can say that it’s been really great for our business.

“Everything is now electronic, and it is right there, and you can see it. If one of my sales executives in Cambridge is selling a car in Ipswich, they can see the V5 and don’t even need to pick up the telephone which is so useful when you work for a group that is vastly spread out with an hour in between dealerships.”

Supporting Responsible Businesses

As more and more pressure builds on organisations to reduce their impact on the environment, MotorDocs is committed to helping its clients build effective CSR strategies that prove they are environmentally conscious and follow sustainable business practices.

As Melanie Banks-Browne, Group Executive Director at John Banks Limited confirms: “MotorDocs products provide exceptional business performance benefits but the company enables so much more.

“With the support of MotorDocs we have been able to develop a proven and transparent strategy to reduce paper usage right across our organisation - minimising our environmental impact and accelerating a positive change in mindset across all departments.”

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