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September 12, 2019
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S&B Commercials specialises in the sale and maintenance of Mercedes-Benz and FUSO Commercial Vehicles – with over 300 employees across the group’s 8 sites. The team at S&B were one of the first in the country to experience the extensive benefits of using the iDealFILE platform so we caught up with Group Administration Manager Annis Borshell to see how using iDealFILE has transformed the way S&B manages sales documentation.

What was your initial motivation for choosing the system?

We first started using iDealFILE in November 2016. We were looking to save money on storage and paper costs across our sites and to streamline processes – increasing efficiency and saving time.

By being 100% online, the system benefits also support our environmental aim of reducing the use of paper in all areas of our business.

How did the implementation process go?

There are always concerns when introducing new systems into an organisation but it was so much smoother than I thought it was going to be and we were able to dispense with paper deal files very quickly.

The iDealFILE team are very switched on and have lots of knowledge about the way a deal file works. They reviewed all of our files – including WIP and delivered files – to ensure they had a real understanding of our processes. While they were with us they made lists about everything – what is this document called and so on.

We then worked through a list of non-mandatory and mandatory items which made things very, very easy. Once we were confident everything was working, we rolled the system out across the entire trucks and vans business.

Has it met your expectations?

It’s been brilliant and the fact that we can work from anywhere is fantastic. Now, on a Saturday at month end, I can quickly double-check and access any missing documents.

It’s great for audit purposes too. Thanks to iDealFILE, I can simply provide people with logins and all the information they need is in one place. If things do need to be printed, I can do that directly from iDealFILE without the need to have to photocopy it. It’s a very good system.

Have you found any additional / unexpected benefits?

It’s incredible for centralised administration. We merged with another business last year so we now have 8 sites in total with sales people at each site. With iDealFILE it’s easy to process sales documents from anywhere. The ability to monitor progress and to easily share paperwork is brilliant.

How is the support?

Very good. We were one of the first commercial dealers to use the system so the iDealFILE team spent lots of time with us to ensure everything was working perfectly.

And as our business has developed so too has iDealFILE. Whenever we have updated our processes the iDealFILE team has worked to ensure the system has reflected those changes – with specific edits to the system so that it works exactly how we want it to straight away.

How many deal files do you have on your system?

We have 4000 new files and 700 used files. Our deal file types include:

  • New van (retail)
  • New van (fleet)
  • New truck (retail)
  • New truck (fleet)
  • Used records (franchise and non-franchise)

Can you quantify or estimate any gains the system has given you in terms time, cost and paper savings?

Deal files cost us £6 each – so if you think about the number of open deal files (4700) that’s a significant saving of £28,200 as well as savings in manpower and time. In fact, one of my colleagues said to me the other day that previously she could spend 2 weeks after month end looking for a pile of paperwork from all of the salespeople. Now that can be done in minutes thanks to the iDealFILE platform.

Would you recommend the system to similar businesses?

Absolutely, I would definitely recommend it.

The system has delivered even more savings and benefits than I originally anticipated and the fact it can be tailored makes it the perfect solution. Not all businesses are the same and many have different requirements but the iDealFILE team can set up the system so it works perfectly for you.

We’ve had some dealer groups come in to our business to look at it and I believe one of those is already implementing it.

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