4 Steps To Successful Digital Document Transition

Mar 13, 2020
5 mins

Making the move to digital document management offers tangible business benefits but means a change to working practices that can be unsettling for some. We’ve got some tips that will help your team embrace the change quickly and with enthusiasm.

Whether you are managing a franchised network, a leading dealer group or an ambitious independent, it’s likely that you are considering how to make the move to digital document management.

Digitisation opens up a number of business benefits – from streamlined processes and improved compliance to increased profitability and enhanced green credentials.

The business transformation potential is clear but, before making the leap, it’s important to consider how you’ll implement the change - making a successful transition that’s fully supported by all team members. Without this organisational buy-in, you may find that you don’t see the benefits as quickly as you’d like or to the level you had expected.

So, what can you do to get everyone on side?

Step One: Emphasise the simplicity

At MotorDocs, we help dealers harness technology to improve efficiencies, business intelligence and profitability. Our iDealFile product makes the transition from reams of paper to digital deal file management as smooth and painless as possible.

We’ve worked hard to ensure a short transition period to help ensure the benefits of digitisation are felt quickly - our implementation is period is days, not weeks.  

This immediacy is important – not only from an ROI perspective but in terms of buy-in and support from the dealership team too. If something is quick and easy to engage with - and delivers results – it’s more likely to be embraced and championed.

Step Two: Demonstrate the time and cost savings

Rather than just telling your team that something is happening, show them the commercial benefits behind the decision - based on your existing sales patterns versus a fully digital approach.

Very quickly it will become clear that by removing costs - such as paper, printing, postage, scanning, storage and management of the physical distribution of paperwork to all the relevant departments – the business will have much more resilience in a challenging market.

Over and above this, you can also demonstrate how teams will be liberated to focus on the tasks they enjoy the most – freeing up time for people to spend more time with customers, generating appointments or closing deals. A win win for everyone.

Step Three: Help your staff to break engrained (and often bad!) habits

All sales teams get used to doing things a certain way and even senior sales managers can be cautious to make changes, just in case it disrupts current sales levels.

So, if you’re leading a deal file digitisation project, it’s important to lead by example. Make sure you are seen to be openly and positively endorsing the project and constantly reminding people of the clear benefits.

It could be a great chance to revisit the vision and goals for your organisation – where do you want to get to, what is your ambition and how can the move to digital document management help you get there?

By stepping out of the day-to-day you can inspire your team, open up eyes to the bigger picture and be a powerful motivator to break habits.

Step Four: Remind the team that it’s what your customers want

The average retail car customer no longer expects a paper-filled purchase journey, in fact they’ll demand some form of digitisation. You can research, finance and purchase vehicles online so why should the post-sale experience be any different?

Those dealers that can deliver a seamless digital experience from enquiry to handover will be much better positioned to compete for – and retain – loyal customers.

With a digital document solution in place that provides easy access to all relevant information – and help identifying any missing documents as early as possible in the process – your sales teams will be fully equipped to deliver a best-in-class vehicle handover experience.

An experience that’s as satisfying and rewarding for your sales teams as it is for the customer. Yet another win-win.

How MotorDocs can help

When looking at ways to introduce digitisation to the business, you may face some home truths that you may have had an inkling were there, but perhaps not known how to solve. We can provide the answers.

At MotorDocs, our digital document solutions – like iDealFile and iServiceFile – have been designed to transform modern automotive retailing practices. With over 450,000 live deal files containing 5 million documents currently on the platform, we estimate that we have helped save around £1.8m from printing, storage and retrieval costs.

These savings can be applied to your business with quick and simple implementation - we offer a flexible approach and can tailor our products to fit in with your specific sales and aftersales processes.  

But, perhaps more importantly, MotorDocs is much more than a product provider.

We understand that technological change is not always easy so our teams will work with you to manage this change. Be it product demonstrations to key team members, cost-benefit analysis or pain-free training, we’ll be right by your side as you make the move to digital document management.

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