Dispense with the horse and save the expense, care and anxiety of keeping it

Feb 12, 2020
5 mins

A sentence that’s more than 120 years old holds just as much weight now for our digital document solutions as it did then when appearing on one of the first ever car adverts.

Published in the Scientific American in 1898 to promote the Winton Motor Carriage, the advert in question used the line “Dispense with the horse and save the expense, care and anxiety of keeping it.”

This emotive approach focuses on the benefits of a motorcar when compared with the alternative; a horse. At that time, the roads were still dominated by horses, carriages and stagecoaches. This new advertising was the first time people were presented with viable alternatives that represented a technological breakthrough.

The line rang true for us and we were struck by the parallels between this ad from over 120 years ago and our digital document products on offer today.

At MotorDocs we pride ourselves on using modern technology to solve the challenges and inefficiencies of previous paper-based processes. Much like the Winton Motor Carriage we are encouraging dealer groups to “dispense with the paper and save the expense, care and anxiety of keeping it.”

Dispense with the paper

Seamlessly integrating with dealer management and third-party systems, iDealFile turns unsecured manual paper-based deal files into secure electronic digitally-signed, visible, traceable and auditable data.

Although a deal file can consist of up to 70 different documents, iDealFile provides dealers with a single online platform to view and manage all of these items - regardless of how many other systems the dealer already has in place.

Building on the success of iDealFile, MotorDocs has recently introduced iServiceFile. Reflecting many of the same commercial benefits as iDealFile, the iServiceFile solution is a secure online platform where team members can manage all documents related to the service and repair of vehicles.

With iServiceFile installed, dealers know that all service-related documents are safely stored in one place and accessible at the touch of a button.

Save the expense

In every iDealFile implementation we have delivered a minimum saving of £4 per deal file, broken down as follows:

  • Paper and printing - £1.10 saving per deal file – experience shows that paper usage in the sales department reduces by 80% following the introduction of iDealFile. The reduced printing results in significantly lower printing costs through lower use of toner and printers.
  • Storage - £2.65 saving per deal file – printed deal files have to be stored for seven years leading to the costs of external storage and use of valuable internal space.
  • Retrieval - £0.25 saving per deal file – often storage is remote requiring time and cost to retrieve files when required.

(Please note: a number of our users report even greater cost savings than this.)

At the time of writing we have over 450,000 live deal files on the platform storing nearly 5.0 million documents. Based on the above figures this equates to at least £1.8m of cash savings from reduced printing, storage and retrieval costs.

Save the care

In addition to these cost benefits we help save time for Sales Administrators, Sales Executives and Sales/Business Managers.

With iDealFile installed, Sales Administrators no longer need to split deal files for part exchange at month end, hunt for lost deal files or head to storage facilities to retrieve files. Typically, their time savings equate to 1.75 hours per deal file.

Sales Executives no longer have to chase for deal files and, because the documents are easy to find, it’s much quicker to respond to customer enquiries. Typically, their time savings equate to 1 hour per deal file.

From the perspective of a Sales/Business Manager, because they can find all documents in one place, they can easily review and sign off items. Typically, this equates to a saving of 0.75 hours per deal file.

When you add all of these time savings together, you’re looking at time savings of 3.5 hours per deal file.

Throw in 24/7 remote access, automated checks and electronic approvals it means we have delivered productivity gains of over 150,000 working days across these sites – an equivalent of nearly 700-man years.

Save the anxiety

Utilising Microsoft’s ISO 27001 accredited Azure platform, iDealFile helps sales teams take important information off desks, out of filing cabinets and into a secure cloud area which is fully protected and can be accessed remotely 24/7 via desktop, tablet or mobile.

A recent Pen Test using industry recognised PTES & OWASP methodology resulted in an A+ security rating - a rating suitable for use in defence and other high security environments.

This secure 24/7 remote access supports centralised administration and auditing of any deal file at any stage of the process. Automated checks minimise errors, a user-friendly interface simplifies approvals and bespoke features help sales teams fulfil responsibilities in line with GDPR regulations.

Our clients can testify to the relief they feel knowing they have a MotorDocs digital document solution in their organisation. As Steve Hutchings, Managing Director of Hutchings Motor Group states:

“It’s safe to say that I don’t know how we operated without iDealFile or how we would be able to operate as a multi-site dealer group with centralised administration if we didn’t have the electronic deal file system in place.

“It will transform the speed and efficiency of your sales administration. You’ll be working in seconds rather than minutes or hours.”

A digital document revolution

Just as the Motor Carriage transformed everyday travel, our digital document solutions are transforming business intelligence and performance for organisations across the automotive retail network.

iDealFile is now installed at over 280 franchised locations - including the estates of three of the UK’s top ten dealer groups (Sytner, Inchcape and Group1) alongside the likes of Vindis Group, Toomey Motor Group, Barretts Motor Group, John Banks Group, Sinclair Group and Howards Group – with 150 more installations scheduled in the next six months.

In addition, we are proud that BMW Group has approved iDealFile as one of its Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution providers.

Take a test drive today

Paper is so old fashioned - are you ready to talk to us about how to dispense with it and save the expense, care and anxiety of keeping it?

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