Don’t Lose Aftersales Momentum As Footfall Returns

Apr 8, 2021
3 min

While showroom reopening is fantastic news for sales teams across the motor industry, thoughts should also turn to how best to empower aftersales teams to continue delivering optimum levels of service and performance.

The countdowns are nearly complete and the excitement levels are rising as it’s been confirmed that, on April 12th, showrooms will be able to reopen for walk-in sales and test-drives.

It will be a truly momentous occasion.

During the most recent lockdown, car dealerships have been operating click and collect services only but, from Monday, they can revert to the same rules as last summer.

This means that, as long as they are wearing a mask, customers can come back inside showrooms to look at new and used cars. Test drives will once again be allowed albeit likely to be unaccompanied and undertaken by customers without dealership staff in the vehicle.

There’s no doubt that this reopening activity is likely to generate a welcome sales injection.

However, the most successful dealers will be those that can embrace this sales upturn while still maintaining the exceptional levels of performance and service they’ve established in the aftersales department.

And those with digital document processes will be ideally positioned to sustain exceptional customer service right across an automotive business.

Unlock efficiencies with digital deal files

The growing popularity of iDealFile – our digital deal file solution – has shown that more and sales teams have embraced the power of digitisation to boost efficiencies in the retail side of the dealership.

Physical paperwork has reduced so there’s less time printing, storing and searching for key documents that form part of every sale.

Everything is accessible online at a touch of a button. From any location. So auditing, checking and approvals now takes a fraction of the time.

There’s online signing and sharing capabilities too so ongoing administration and handover processes have never been smoother.

All of this will support highly effective and accurate processing of the incoming tide of sales.

Those innovative dealerships with digital deal file solutions will be able to ensure their sales teams are operating as efficiently as possible – getting to handover point at a speed unrecognisable just a short time ago.

But there’s more.

Embracing digital documents in aftersales

With the introduction of iServiceFile, we are also empowering aftersales teams to unlock the same transformative power of digitisation and mirror the efficiency and operational benefits that their sales counterparts are thriving on.

Our digital document solution for aftersales teams unites people and processes.

iServiceFile provides a secure online space for everyone to see what’s happening on every job at the same time – no more walking between departments or up flights of stairs.

It allows Service Advisors to prepare like never before – sharing key documentation with customers online ahead of their arrival to explain what work has been planned and obtaining authorisation before the customer has stepped foot inside the building.

Just as customers expect a contactless experience when buying a car, they can now enjoy the same feeling when their car is in the workshop.

Head Office will be happy too - iServiceFile also provides detailed tracking and auditing at every stage of a job to ensure more warranty approvals and improve compliance procedures.

A win win scenario

So, industry-leading processes and experience when buying a car and the same when it’s in for service or repair too.

All the result of innovative thinking, agile working processes and unrelenting efficiency in every department.

It’s a guaranteed way to build loyalty and generate powerful word of mouth recommendations.

It’s also an efficient use of team members across the organisation and a genuine win win for the dealership at a time when every opportunity counts.

Now that’s bouncing back with a bang.

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