New technology boosts sales efficiency and profits

Apr 17, 2019
3 minute read

In challenging times, forward-thinking sales teams are using the latest technology to transform productivity and give a welcome boost to their bottom line.

Current market pressures, changes in legislation and an uncertain economic climate mean that improving business performance and achieving sales objectives is more demanding than ever.

That’s where the latest technology can make a huge difference – giving innovative retailers the capability to achieve more without having to increase headcount or make significant capital investment.

The Deal File Dilemma

Take the creation and management of deal files for example.

These important files, which can consist of up to 70 paper-based documents, have always been created, managed and audited manually.

As a result, ambitious dealer groups face a number of challenges in the quest for peak efficiency:

• Even a single deal file will need input, reviewing and approvals from multiple stakeholders who may be in multiple locations

• Deal files need to be stored for up to 7 years – either using up valuable space onsite or adding costs of sending and retrieval from offsite storage

• Compliance teams of multi-site retail groups may struggle to quickly access files that are stored in multiple locations

• Paper deal files may need to be taken from one site and duplicated in another to allow for centralised administration

• Hunting for paper deal files can slow down customer response rates

• It can take time for management to see the status of all ‘live’ deal files and get an accurate business snapshot

• It’s easy for error counts to creep up as all checking and reviewing has to be done manually – rectifying unnecessary mistakes can use up valuable time

All of this can reduce the efficiency of a sales team, undermining the potential to bring more customers and sales into the business. But help is at hand.

Breaking With Tradition

Developed by automotive people for the automotive industry, our electronic deal file platform – iDealFILE – is transforming the way sales teams across the country are creating and managing deal files.

It is the first system in the market that can extract post-sale documents direct from a dealer management system – transforming a traditionally manual paper-based process into an efficient, secure, auditable digital workflow.

Utilising Microsoft’s ISO 27001 accredited Azure cloud, our electronic deal file platform is becoming the trusted online home for all post-sale documentation and is delivering instant productivity gains for sales departments of leading automotive retailers.

Consider some of these benefits:

• Sales Administrators no longer need to hunt for lost deal files, head to storage facilities to retrieve files or split deal files for part exchange at month end.

• Sales Executives no longer have to chase for deal files and, because the documents are easy to find, it’s much quicker to respond to customer enquiries.

• Senior management and compliance teams can easily review and sign off items or get an instant update on business performance.

Typically, when you add all of the benefits of paper less working together, sales teams can expect time savings of up to 4 hours per deal file.

Multiply that by the number of deal files on the go at any one time and that’s a significant number of man hours that can be deployed in other areas of the business.

On top of that, these innovative retailers that implement our online deal file platform also benefit from cash savings of over £4 per deal file thanks to reduced print, paper storage and retrieval costs.

As a result, iDealFILE is, at the very least, cost neutral for any dealer that installs the system as the cash savings more than offset the licence fee – leaving the productivity savings to positively impact the bottom line.

A Bright Outlook

In summary, the key to successful automotive retailing hasn’t changed. It’s about providing excellent customer service, driving throughput and achieving absolute operational efficiency to maximise profits.

What has changed are the tools at our disposal to overcome the operational challenges of the past.

Thanks to a combination of cloud technology, pioneering thinking and automotive insight, we’ve created a deal file platform that’s secure, scalable and affordable.

Isn’t it time you embraced a new way of working to win the efficiency battle and maximise profits?

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