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Developed specifically for the automotive industry, our electronic deal file platform seamlessly integrates with dealer management and third-party systems - turning unsecured manual paper-based documents into secure electronic digitally-signed, visible, traceable and auditable data.

Streamline Your Process

By automatically extracting your post-sale documentation direct from your dealer management system or uploading it electronically, iDealFILE turns a traditionally manual paper-based process into a highly efficient and auditable digital workflow.

Maximise Security

Utilising Microsoft’s ISO 27001 accredited Azure platform, we help you take important information off desks, out of filing cabinets and into a secure cloud area which is fully protected and can be accessed remotely 24/7 via desktop, tablet or mobile.

Boost Eco Credentials

With secure cloud storage at your disposal, we’ll help you remove more than 80% of paper requirements from your sales department, reducing your carbon footprint and proving your commitment to sustainable business practices.

Improve Compliance

Secure 24/7 remote access supports centralised administration and auditing of any deal file at any stage of the process. Automated checks minimise errors, a user-friendly interface simplifies approvals and bespoke features help you fulfil responsibilities in line with GDPR regulations.

Save Time & Costs

With a more efficient sales process your sales and administration teams will enjoy time savings of between 2 and 4 hours per deal file. On top of that, you’ll benefit from cash savings of at least £4 per deal file thanks to reduced print, paper storage and retrieval costs.

Enhance Customer Experience

With easy access to all relevant information – and help identifying any missing documents as early as possible in the process – your sales teams will be fully equipped to deliver a best-in-class vehicle handover experience.

Standard Features

A deal file can consist of up to 70 different documents. In line with ever-increasing legislation, compliance and manufacturer requirements, we’ve developed a range of features to help you manage, access and store these important documents.

ISO 27001 Accredited Azure Platform
Secure Login
User-Friendly Graphical Interface
Customised Deal File Creation
Auditable Authorisation & Approval Process
User-Level Defines Access & Functionality
Automated Links To Part-Exchange Documentation
Secure Scanning App
Multi-Document View To Aid Approval Process
Digital Signatures
Optional Automatic Document Deletion
Email Documents
Configurable To Your Sales Process

Additional Features

You can choose from an extensive range of additional options for even more control, security, performance, reporting and customer service benefits. All are available as individual bolt-ons or can be bundled together as part of a tailored system upgrade.

Electronic Forms
Automated Workflow
File Verification
Customer Portal
Corporate Look & Feel
Single Sign On
Azure Upgrade
Dedicated Test Environment
Private Network
System Performance Monitoring
Enhanced Reporting
iDealFILE API (Reporting)


We’ve developed a powerful set of Add-Ons that enable advanced functionality of our digital document solutions and maximise the impact they can make in your business.

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“We looked at a few different solutions but went with iDealFile as they were clearly the best.”

Olivia Tombs
Business Development Manager, John Banks Group

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